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Litter number: 67
Kitten number: 271
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Opel, Pearl, Ruby, Cole

the longest and biggest of the five Jewels sibs, Jade was also the squawkiest, rarely failing to issue a plaintive wail when I grabbed her for morning weigh-in. (None of the other Jewels thought weigh-in merited a complaint.) Jade also had a playful and mischievous side, like her sisters. When she wrestled or tumbled around, she exposed the gorgeous leopard-spots on her belly.

While we initially found it hard to distinguish Jade from Ruby, we eventually noticed that Jade's face was a little more angular and Ruby's more heart-shaped. And Jade had cool silver ticking on her fur, most noticeable along her back and sides.

Jade's classic looks and expressive personality quickly landed her a home, along with Cole. Her new family named her Grizzly.

Arrival date: 10/3/2015
Departure date: 11/1/2015