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Litter number: 67
Kitten number: 273
Gender: m
Color: gray

Siblings: Opel, Pearl, Jade, Ruby

a great-looking all gray kitten who was the only male in the Jewels litter, Cole was more of a peep-loving lap cat than his four brown tabby sisters. While the girls swatted the stringball, Cole would climb onto our laps and purr. If mom-cat Joyce joined us on the futon, Cole might nose-nuzzle her and then try to cadge a drink from her dairy bar, even though he'd been weaned for weeks.

When the Jewels arrived at 50K, Cole was actually the smallest, though he caught up to Ruby within a week or two. While he remained smaller than his other sisters, his growth trajectory accelerated, so by graduation day he was quickly getting big and strong. He became more confident and assertive with his sisters, sometimes engaging in wrestling matches or games of chase. But he held onto his lap-cat personality, which helped send him home along with Jade. His new mom said the family planned to call him Ash.

Arrival date: 10/3/2015
Departure date: 11/1/2015