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Litter number: 8
Kitten number: 29
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Nickname: Lefty-man
Siblings: Keddy, Kizzie, Ry

Lefty was one of three brothers in the Kizzie and the Dominos gang. During the first days of their stay at 50K, it was almost impossible to tell Lefty, Keddy and Ry apart. Their black and white markings were practically identical. (Sister Kizzie's were too, but she was discernibly smaller.) We finally learned to look for the slightly longer white patch on Lefty's back left paw.

Like the other Dominos, Lefty was sneezy when we got him, and we treated his URI symptoms with Clavamox. He lost his appetite temporarily, but not for long, and he grew into a friendly and talented purrer and climber.

From day one, Lefty was the most outgoing kitten in the Dominos litter. He would start purring as soon as we picked him up, enjoy being petted for a few seconds, and then be ready to get back onto the playground. Lefty and his brothers were the inspiration for this website.

Arrival date: 7/2/2007
Departure date: 8/6/2007