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Litter number: 9
Kitten number: 31
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby + white

Nickname: Gengy
Siblings: Peaches, Rooney

Genghis got his name because he was such a dictator! He was an adorable little puff ball, but he had a big voice and used it loudly and often whenever he wanted something...usually to be picked up and held. He also had the same URI that afflicted Peaches and Rooney, but he didn't suffer from it like Peaches did.

After Rooney and Kizzie had gotten big enough to go back to the shelter, Peaches and Genghis stayed behind for awhile to catch up and they were good buddies.

Fortunately, Genghis got over his dictatorial ways and became a friendly loving guy, who loved to curl up and nap in the bed with his peeps. He was adopted the first day he went on view by a couple who owns a hamburger chain in town (wow! lucky for him!), who renamed him Simba. We felt his new name didn't fit him quite as well as Genghis, but he no doubt enjoys being named after a king.

Arrival date: 8/6/2007
Departure date: 10/19/2007