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Litter number: 11
Kitten number: 37
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Siblings: Tyler

Star and Tyler came to us already weaned and named. Because we still had Peaches and Chrissie in the bunkhouse with colds, we didn't want to expose Star and Tyler, so they spent their time with us in the downstairs nursery...usually reserved for bottle babies.

Star was definitely the bossy alpha kitten to Tyler's easy-going personality – maybe that was the tortie side of her. The first thing she did when we let her loose to run around in the kitchen was to squeeze into a narrow space near the stove – ack! Fortunately, it was too boring in there, and she came out, but we kept the space blocked after that, just in case.

Star enjoyed hanging out on the counter with us while we read the paper, and she and Tyler loved to chase balls all over the kitchen floor. Star and Tyler were pretty fuss-free and easy, which was a relief after such a long haul with sick kits. We took them back on Christmas morning and they were adopted quickly.

Arrival date: 12/1/2007
Departure date: 12/25/2007