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Litter number: 11
Kitten number: 38
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Nickname: Ty-stick
Siblings: Star

A good-natured and great-looking brown tabby who came to 50K with his sister Star. Both were already named and weaned. Tyler already weighed 1.5 lbs, and Star wasn't far behind.

It was near the end of a rough year on the fostering front, and we still had the much-bigger Peaches and Chrissy cooling their heels in the upstairs bunkhouse and playground as they tried to overcome their URI symptoms for good.

So Tyler and Star bunked in our no-frills downstairs bathroom and (when the dogs were outside and the big cats were upstairs) were allowed to run around and play in the kitchen and the adjacent family room.

Tyler wasn't congested or sneezy when he arrived, and we managed to keep the upstairs URI germs at bay, so we never had to watch him walk away from his food. He had some intestinal issues, and received the same meds (Metronidazole, Panacur, Ponazuril, Albon) we'd been dispensing all summer and fall, but he was a reliable, consistent eater. After spinning his wheels for a few days, he gained weight steadily.

We took Tyler and Star back to the shelter on Christmas morning, when we had to leave town for the holidays. Both kits were within an ounce or so of the weight threshold, and were on rails at that point. It was satisfying and fun to end a long, tough year of fostering with an entertaining, friendly, and healthy pair of aces like Tyler and Star.

Arrival date: 12/1/2007
Departure date: 12/25/2007