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Litter number: 13
Kitten number: 42
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Nickname: the Chaz-meister, the Box Assistant
Siblings: Cooney, Lolly, Pepper, Posey, Ringo

A good-looking little medium-hair orange tabby, and the self-appointed generalissimo of his six-kitten litter. Chaz loved to notify us that it was time for dinner, or time for us to pick him up, by standing at our feet and squawking until he got the desired results. This trait brought back memories of Randy and Buzz.

Not the alpha kit of his litter (which might have been news to Chaz), he was among the most social. He loved to hop up on the bed and nuzzle our faces in the morning after we opened the bunkhouse door.

When it was time for me to scoop out the litter box, Chaz unfailingly stood alongside me, sometimes pawing at the scoop or climbing in the box to provide management oversight. Curiously, for a kitten with his hands-on attitude, Chaz was less than fully committed to using the litter box himself, choosing sometimes to leave his mark on the carpet, a pillow, or the comforter.

For a while we were apprehensive that Chaz's "outside the box" thinking might deter potential adopters, but his sunny personality won him a new family very quickly after his return to the shelter. Went home with his sister Pepper!

Arrival date: 1/3/2008
Departure date: 2/10/2008