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Litter number: 13
Kitten number: 43
Gender: m
Color: ticked brown tabby

Nickname: Cooneycat
Siblings: Chaz, Lolly, Pepper, Posey, Ringo

Cooney was one of the most unusually marked kittens we've ever hadů officially, he's a "ticked" tabby, but we thought he looked like a raccoon (without the mask), hence the name.

Cooney was the alpha kitten of his litter (sorry, Chaz) , but not bossy. He was very athletic and was one of our best ladder climbers (as his picture shows). He was also a fine wrestler – his sister, Pepper, was one of his favorite partners.

But our athlete also had a soft side, and he was very affectionate and loved to be picked up and held. He was adopted into a home with another kitten, and renamed Sneezy.

Arrival date: 1/3/2008
Departure date: 2/10/2008