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Litter number: 13
Kitten number: 47
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Nickname: Nation of Ringo
Siblings: Chaz, Cooney, Lolly, Pepper, Posey

A very cool cat from one of our favorite litters. Ringo had floppy, medium-length hair and brown tabby markings. Not the biggest or smallest of his litter, but willing to chase or wrestle one and all.

While he became increasingly people-oriented during his stay at 50K, Ringo also marched to his own drummer. He might decide to investigate an air vent or flip a sisal mouse while the rest of the pack was doing something else together. When it was time to round up the pack to put them back in the bunkhouse, Ringo was usually the last kitten we found.

Low-key and down-to-earth, but happy to purr when we picked him up. A great feline citizen and one we remember fondly.

Arrival date: 1/3/2008
Departure date: 2/10/2008