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Litter number: 14
Kitten number: 51
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby

Nickname: Blue Manchu
Siblings: Benny, Ham, JJ, Otter

Blue was one of two seemingly-identical gray kittens in "fab five" litter 14. For weeks, we had trouble telling Blue and his sister JJ apart without picking them up to inspect their genitals. We eventually realized that JJ had longer whiskers. Along with Benny and JJ, the name Blue had musical connotations… maybe another nod to TC's jazz ensemble in the 1960s cartoon Topcat.

During his first few weeks at 50K, Blue was the overlooked kitten in his litter. He wasn't the biggest (Ham) or the loudest (JJ) or the kitten we worried the most about (both Benny and Otter). He was just a playful and healthy little ragamuffin.

As the litter grew bigger and stronger, and began to view us as parents, Blue became my special buddy. In a way that reminded me of Ry, he would occasionally detach from the sibling games on the playground floor and hop up on the bed to hang out with me while I relaxed or read. While not an over-the-top purrer like Otter or a diva like JJ, Blue had a winning personality that makes us smile when we remember him.

As we expected, Blue was adopted within a day after going "on view". We exchanged a few e-mails with his new owner, and are very happy that things worked out so well for him.

Arrival date: 4/7/2008
Departure date: 5/27/2008