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Litter number: 14
Kitten number: 54
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Nickname: Otter-potter
Siblings: Benny, Blue, Ham, JJ

Otter was a big favorite of ours because of his sweet nature and love of people. All you had to do was be near him and he would start his purr motor. He really loved to be held, and would stand at your feet and meow until you picked him up. But his most memorable characteristic was his suckling. When you held him, he'd put his head down and then start "making biscuits" with his paws and suckling your shirt, leaving little wet, wrinkled circles. He also suckled the blanket, towel, bed, and his siblings. He must have gotten weaned too early.

Otter battled intestinal parasites, as many of our kittens do, but it took him a little longer to beat them, and he ended up growing a little slower than his siblings.

We were happy when a friend of ours adopted Otter and JJ together, so we'll be able to see them fairly regularly. Otter's new name is Oscar, and although we're sure he'll grow out of the suckling eventually (not too many 20-year-olds still suck their thumbs), his new family reports that he's still at it.

Arrival date: 4/7/2008
Departure date: 5/27/2008