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Litter number: 16
Kitten number: 61
Gender: f
Color: dilute tortie

Siblings: Sonet, Samara, Sylvia, Sumner

Shilo was a soft-spoken member of the Vixens litter, with beautiful gray tabby markings that often seemed to have a slight rose-colored hue. Along with Samara, Shilo was one of my all-time favorites fosterlings. While Shilo never had health issues, her slight build left her dueling with Samara for the title of "lightest Vixen". And like Samara, she was slow to make the transition from nursing to eating on her own.

But that didn't inhibit Shilo on the playground, where she demonstrated climbing and leaping talents that no other 50K foster kitten has matched, before or since. While barely weighing two pounds, Shilo somehow leapt up onto my dresser from the bed – a leap that only two of our adult cats have ever managed. And it was common for Shilo to escape her pesky siblings by jumping from the bed up to the dormer windows… a move that our staff cat Yogi finds non-trivial.

Shilo's great looks – combined with her easygoing and winning personality – ensured that she would find a home quickly after we took her back to the shelter. And she did.

Arrival date: 6/10/2008
Departure date: 8/22/2008