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Litter number: 16
Kitten number: 62
Gender: f
Color: patch tabby

Siblings: Sonet, Samara, Shilo, Sumner

Sylvia was the “plain Jane” of the Vixen litter. She missed out on the dramatic patchy coloring of her mother, Julia, being a brown tabby with white. But Sylvia was one of our easiest foster kittens ever. She was never sick, she ate and used the box well, and was social and active. We never worried about her for one minute, unlike her sister, Samara, who used up a couple of her nine lives while with us. All of our interactions with Sylvia left us with the song, “Sylvia’s Mother” (1972, Dr. Hook) going through our heads.

Happily, Sylvia and Sumner were adopted together—they were good buddies in that litter, with similar temperaments and a love of wrestling with each other, even though back when they were getting their meals from the bottle, Sylvia would hiss and push Sumner away with her paw when he tried to horn in on her bottle!

Arrival date: 6/10/2008
Departure date: 8/22/2008