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Litter number: 16
Kitten number: 63
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby + white

Nickname: Fort Sumner
Siblings: Sonet, Samara, Shilo, Sylvia

Sumner was a classic orange tabby with white markings, and the biggest and strongest kitten in the litter we called the Vixens. During his first few weeks at 50K, Sumner was congested, and we could usually hear him breathing from across the room. We worried that URI symptoms would squelch his appetite, but that never happened. He nursed well, then navigated the weaning process (following Sonet's example) and ate like a champ. And his heavy breathing was eventually defeated by Clavamox, shortly after we separated the Vixens from Mom Julia and moved them up from the villa to the bunkhouse.

In the bunkhouse and on the playground, Sumner finally had a chance to stretch his legs. While he wasn't much of a climber, he loved to run and wrestle, and he quickly became the most proficient shower-soccer player among the Vixens.

Along with Sylvia, Sumner was a very low-maintenance fosterling. He was happy to be held and petted, but always ready to plunge into a new game or activity when we set him down. Like his siblings, he was adopted within days of going "on view" at the shelter.

Arrival date: 6/10/2008
Departure date: 8/22/2008