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Litter number: 18
Kitten number: 71
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby + white

Nickname: Capella
Siblings: Milo, Cider, Vera, Lark

a cute brown tabby and true sibling of Milo, and one of our most vocal kittens ever. We named her after Ella Fitzgerald because she could really belt out a tune. Ella loved to chirp when she approached us, purr when she was happy, mew for any reason at all, and yowl if she thought breakfast or dinner was late. When we opened the door to the bunkhouse in the morning, Ella would invariably fly out the door first.

Ella was never shy, and for the first week or two she was the alpha kitten of the hybrid Eels litter. Milo eventually overtook her in size and strength, but Ella retained her top-cat pipes and attitude. She loved to wrestle and chase all comers, but was also happy to be picked up, held and stroked for a while.

We were happy to see Ella and Lark adopted together by a young couple.

Arrival date: 11/13/2008
Departure date: 12/19/2008