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Litter number: 19
Kitten number: 76
Gender: f
Color: gray

Nickname: Isabella Rockafella, Izzy
Siblings: Ivory

came to the shelter as one of five all-gray siblings, all of whom were given names beginning with I. The three largest of this litter went on view and were adopted quickly, while Isabel and Ivory came to 50K along with non-sibling Brennen for a little fattenin’ and finishin’. We named this hybrid litter the Naugs because they arrived two weeks before the inauguration of President Obama.

While not a voracious eater, Isabel gained weight slowly but steadily at 50K. She and Ivory quickly mastered the 50K playground terrain, and by the end of her stay she’d started climbing the decorative curtain over our bed – a first for 50K fosterlings. Isabel was the only jailbreaker among the Naugs, and she loved to chirp and trill and mew when she wanted attention. She also was prone to bongo-drumming against the bunkhouse door at 5am, when she decided it was time to get up.

Isabel was an active kitten during her stay with us and less of a peep-cat than the other Naugs. She tolerated being held for a half-minute or so, but then was ready to get back in gear and have fun.

Arrival date: 1/9/2009
Departure date: 2/2/2009