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Litter number: 20
Kitten number: 80
Gender: f
Color: gray

Nickname: Lolo
Siblings: unknown

Lois was the smallest of a litter of gray kittens that came to the shelter in mid-March, 2009. Her siblings went on view and were adopted relatively quickly, but Lois was too small and a bit anti-social, so she came to 50K for a month of finishing school.

As we expected, she spent her first few days hissing and swatting at Arnie and Caddo, who were two or three weeks younger and several ounces smaller. The good-natured Rockets took her in stride and never hissed or swatted back. By the end of day 3, Lois decided she could live with them.

She spent the remainder of her stay at 50K racing and wrestling, especially with Caddo, and then napping with one Rocket or the other. Lois would purr as soon as you picked her up, but she had an independent streak, so the purring would turn to squirming after you held her for 10 seconds. She's no lap-cat. But Lois did overcome her anti-social inclinations, and by the end of her stay with us she was always first to greet us in bed in the morning after I opened the bunkhouse door. She also wowed us with her leaping ability during her last few days with us.

Adopted a few days after going on view.

Arrival date: 4/1/2009
Departure date: 4/26/2009