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Litter number: 21
Kitten number: 82
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Nickname: big J
Siblings: Harley, Pinky, Dice

was essentially feral when he arrived at 50K with his Hobo siblings. After three weeks in the bunkhouse, Jeter was still hiding in a corner or behind the toilet when we entered the room. But unlike Harley, he stopped hissing and fleeing when we tried to pick him up. While he wouldn't wander up to greet us, Jeter began to enjoy being held and stroked. He eventually followed the path blazed by Pinky and began to purr, and he would let us hold him for a long time.

Since Jeter amd Dice were much bigger and stronger than Harley and Pinky, they were the first Hobos to head back to the shelter. We knew Dice would find a home quickly but we were worried about Jeter, since all-black kittens have a hard time standing out. But Jeter must have fired up the purr motor right away, since he was adopted the day after he went on view… and before we even had a chance to visit him! We were very happy for him, since by the time he left 50K, he'd become one of the mellowest and best-natured kittens we've fostered.

Arrival date: 4/26/2009
Departure date: 6/1/2009