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Litter number: 21
Kitten number: 83
Gender: f
Color: black + white

Nickname: Pinkapotamous, the Pinkster
Siblings: Harley, Jeter, Dice

Named for her pink nose and tiny tail, Pinky was by far the smallest of the Hobos when she arrived at 50K weighing only 11oz. And by far the friendliest, right from the start, which earned her the title "Ambassador Pinky". While Dice, Jeter, and eventually even Harley warmed up to us, Pinky wanted to stand on our feet, purr, and be our pal from day one.

Like many of our smallest kittens, Pinky suffered through a few scary days when she fought off a virus. She stopped eating and was vomiting, so we had to watch her around the clock, hand-feeding her and keeping her hydrated with subcutaneous saline. She beat the virus and ate like a wildebeest for the next few weeks. After we put Harley into isolation therapy, Pinky spent her last several days at 50K on her own with free access to the playground, and she romped around like the free spirit she is. Pinky is a 50K all-star, and we hope she finds her forever home soon.

Arrival date: 4/26/2009
Departure date: 6/29/2009