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Litter number: 21
Kitten number: 84
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Nickname: Dice-man
Siblings: Harley, Jeter, Pinky

arrived at 50K as the biggest and strongest of the Hobos, though he still deferred to alpha-kitten hissin' Harley. Dice was named for the interesting black and white markings on his chest, face and forearms, and was the first of the Hobos to ditch Harley's feral attitude and follow Pinky's people-are-our-friends lead. By the end of his first week or so at 50K, Dice was happy to be held and petted, and would purr readily. He stopped hiding in the corners with Harley and Jeter and wandered over to check out our feet. While we never let Harley or Jeter out onto the playground for fear they'd disappear under the bed and become irretrievable, we were confident enough about Dice to let him explore the playground once with Pinky. Naturally, he spent the entire session under the bedů but sniffing and exploring, not hiding, and it was easy to get him out.

Dice had a few days of weight-loss and lethargy, probably due to a virus that later hit Pinky hard, and we worried about him during that stretch. But he rebounded well, and was almost as big and strong as Jeter when we returned him to the shelter. Dice was adopted a day after Jeter and two days after going on view; we knew he'd do well, but having both Hobo-boys go so fast was beyond our expectations. As we said a few times in our entries, Dice was double-sixes.

Arrival date: 4/26/2009
Departure date: 6/1/2009