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Litter number: 22
Kitten number: 85
Gender: m
Color: black

Nickname: Chowderhead
Siblings: unknown

one of two all-black kittens in the hybrid Castaways litter. With his natural sister Cassie and Gramps, Chowder moved down to the villa to alleviate crowding in the bunkhouse, which was occupied by the smaller puffball Castaways. Chowder was a healthy, full-bellied, gung-ho soldier, always the first to jailbreak the villa when given a chance, and unfazed when that led him into close contact with 50K canine Chase.

Like Gramps, he was a ready purrer who didn't mind being held (for a little while anyway). Unlike Gramps, he wasn't at all shy and never sought out hiding places. Instead he loved to race up to the top of the tipped up box spring, then slither back down, or tear around the living room when we let him out. He also returned to the shelter at peak season, and as an all-black kitten had to wait a few weeks to be discovered by his new family.

Arrival date: 6/30/2009
Departure date: 7/20/2009