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Litter number: 22
Kitten number: 86
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Siblings: unknown

the oldest and biggest of a 7-kitten group we called the Castaways, Gramps was also one of the most tolerant and good-natured kittens we've fostered. During his short stay in the bunkhouse, the smallest Castaways (all siblings) idolized him, and were always napping on top of him or trying to suckle him. Even though Gramps had an irritated scab on his belly (which predated 50K), he indulged the little Castaways and acted almost like a surrogate dad.

We moved Gramps down to the villa with the other two largest Castaways (Chowder and Cassie) and he spent an easygoing few weeks there. While a bit shy and prone to hiding, he always purred and relaxed when we picked him up. He also loved to stretch out and expose his long belly so we could pet him. He returned to the shelter at peak kitten season, but his winning personality was obvious to all and he found his new home within a week. His new family renamed him Nick and adopted shelter kitten Toffee along with him; we hear they're great friends.

Arrival date: 6/30/2009
Departure date: 7/20/2009