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Litter number: 22
Kitten number: 88
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Nickname: Mobi-wan
Siblings: Bibi, Rocco, Trina

was one of our favorite kittens because he was both a rough-and-tumble playground competitor and something of a peep-cat. Moby enjoyed mixing it up with Cassie and Rocco (both of whom could overpower him) or chasing Trina and Bibi. Whenever he was involved in a wrestling match, we'd hear a series of musical squawks emanating from the tumble of fur Though his coloring was whale-like, we named him after the pop musician.

But Moby also liked to hop onto the bed and curl up beside us, or climb on our chests and paw our books or magazine as we read. More than his Castaway siblings, Moby liked to monitor and oversee Ted's morning stretches and calisthenics. Since Moby wasn't quite big enough to head back to the shelter with Rocco and Cassie, he stayed at 50K along with Bibi and Trina until we had to leave for our summer vacation in Colorado. He was adopted while we were away, shortly after going on view.

Arrival date: 6/30/2009
Departure date: 8/21/2009