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Litter number: 22
Kitten number: 91
Gender: f
Color: patch tabby + white

Nickname: Trina-tron
Siblings: Moby, Bibi, Rocco

though almost as cute as Bibi, Trina was a little more of a mix-it-up tomboy. She was Moby's preferred wrestling and racing partner, even though he was always a bit bigger and stronger. But Trina was also very social, and was usually one of the first to greet us when we entered the playground (except for the time she was accidentally locked into Martha's shoe cabinet. I found her and let her out an hour later, and for the next 2-3 days she followed me around like a puppy.)

Like Bibi, Trina would sometimes go days without gaining weight or appearing to eat very much. And like Bibi she also had sniffles, sneezes and facial grunge that took several weeks to clear up. So Trina got supplemental Nutrical and Viralys by syringe, and following Bibi's stop-and-go pattern, s-l-o-w-l-y gained weight. She had almost reached the 2.5-lb threshold when we took her back to the shelter the day before we left for vacation. And like Bibi, Trina found her new family right away. Her looks and charm were a winning combo.

Arrival date: 6/30/2009
Departure date: 8/21/2009