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Litter number: 24
Kitten number: 96
Gender: m
Color: black

Siblings: unknown

A fun-loving 2-lb singleton who was placed in the Cinders litter along with Spike and the smaller D-named tabbies. Salem had some abrasions on his lower legs and a raw butt when he arrived at 50K but those problems (along with his sloppy poop) cleared up quickly. He befriended the other Cinders and emerged as the wrestling ringleader. Salem was less shy than the other Cinders and was happy to be picked up and held.

When Spike got sick and had to be syringe-fed baby-food mixed with Nutrical, Salem developed a taste for that concoction and always tried to climb up to whatever surface we were using to feed Spike. He was convinced that Spike was getting all the good stuff.

Salem never got to spend much time on the playground during his 50K tenure, but he made the most of what the bunkhouse had to offer by diving into shower soccer and mixing it up with Dorothy and her tabby siblings.

Arrival date: 10/7/2009
Departure date: 10/22/2009