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Litter number: 24
Kitten number: 97
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Dorian, Dorothy

like her brother Dorian, Dierdre was one of the smallest Cinders and was a bit shy when she arrived at 50K. She would often retreat behind the toilet when we entered the bunkhouse and hissed for a few days when reached for her, but she never fled and soon got comfortable being handled for meds and weigh-in.

Like her tabby siblings, Dierdre managed to escape the URI that plagued Spike, so she never lost her appetite. Instead she developed a real enthusiasm for bunkhouse cuisine and turned into a fat and sassy tabby who enjoyed hopping around in the shower and wrestling with Dorian or the bigger Cinders.

Arrival date: 10/7/2009
Departure date: 10/22/2009