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Litter number: 24
Kitten number: 98
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby

Siblings: Dierdre, Dorothy

Was the smallest Cinder when he arrived at 50K, and it took a few days for him to relax and begin to enjoy himself. During his first few days with us, Dorian would flatten his ears when we reached for him. But he never fled or hid from us, and after a few days he was comfortable being held and stroked.

Like his siblings Dorothy and Dierdre, Dorian spent most of his first week napping and lounging. When he seemed lethargic, I took his temperature and found he had a fever, so I took all three tabbies to the vet. A Clavamox prescription seemed to nip a potential URI in the bud, and during his last week with us, Dorian was a roly-poly fun-loving little ewok. He enjoyed wrestling the bigger and stronger Cinders and playing shower soccer, and was never late for a meal.

Arrival date: 10/7/2009
Departure date: 10/22/2009