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Litter number: 3
Kitten number: 12
Gender: f
Color: black + white

Siblings: Billie, Lila, Yuri

Yet another gender misdiagnosis! This time we figured out the shelter's error ourselves.

Zappa was very cute, with white whiskers, a spotted nose, big dark eyes, and a little black "soul-patch" of color under her lower lip. She started off as a strong number two to Billie, but then became a bit shy and skittish as Yuri and Lila overtook her. Zappa liked to hide behind the bed's dust ruffle while watching her siblings wrestle and run. When someone wandered within reach, she pounced!

Zappa also became a nuzzler, and would occasionally chirp when she was happy.

Arrival date: 4/19/2006
Departure date: 6/5/2006