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Litter number: 30
Kitten number: 121
Gender: m
Color: white

Siblings: Scottie, Savannah, Chief, Scout

like his brother Scottie, Samoa had a poopy butt during his first few weeks at 50K. Unlike Scottie, he never had trouble eating, so he ultimately became the biggest and strongest of the Campers kittens.

Samoa was also the first to graduate, to a home with another young kitten. As soon as his picture landed on Petfinder, the applications started rolling inů who could resist a flame-point Siamese with sapphire-blue eyes, a rock'em - sock'em personality, and an insistence on face-nuzzling his peeps everytime they entered the room? Samoa was a big, outgoing, good-natured guy who would brighten up almost any home.

Arrival date: 8/2/2010
Departure date: 10/1/2010