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Litter number: 31
Kitten number: 125
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby + white

Nickname: orange guy
Siblings: Gigi

a beautiful orange-and-white tabby with cool swirls on his sides, Oggi was originally named O.G. for "orange guy". We resisted naming him and his sister Gigi at first because we thought they had little chance to survive.

When we brought Oggi home, he was covered with fleas, his eyes were glued shut, his ribs were visible, and we could hear him breathe from across the room. He was probably three weeks old and weighed 12 ounces – literally too weak to stand and starving to death.

We fed Oggi and Gigi every two hours by syringe for the first few days, gave them subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, nebulizer sessions, high-calorie supplements, flea baths, and everything else we could think of. After a week or so, they began to get stronger and it was clear they would survive.

As they grew, they battled ringworm and cloudy corneas, but they persevered and became energetic and athletic superkittens. Their ringworm kept them off the market for several weeks, and by the time we listed them again they'd outgrown the itty-bitty stage, so it took a while to find them a home. Along the way, they got to be friendly, face-nuzzling people cats, and by the time we sent them home Oggi and Gigi had become two of our all-time favorite kittens. And the longest-tenured too!

Arrival date: 9/6/2010
Departure date: 2/12/2011