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Litter number: 31
Kitten number: 126
Gender: f
Color: gray

Nickname: gray girl
Siblings: Oggi

Gigi and Oggi came to us on Labor Day, near death from starvation, flea anemia, and pneumonia, having been rescued by good Samaritans. We didn’t think they would survive the trip home and we didn’t name them for the first few days because we thought it unlikely they would survive. After days of round the clock force-feeding with a syringe, nebulizing, injections with antibiotics, and flea-drowning baths, we became cautiously optimistic and named them after what we had labeled them: Orange Guy and Gray Girl.

When she got strong enough, Gigi would fight our efforts to feed her with the “paw of denial.” She grew into a beautiful dilute tortie with amazingly thick and luxurious fur and a curious and playful nature, although she was a little more cautious than her brother and took her lead from him. After we’d had them for five months (a 50K record), we were delighted when they went home together to a family with teenagers – a perfect match!

Arrival date: 9/6/2010
Departure date: 2/12/2011