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Litter number: 32
Kitten number: 127
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: unknown

a gorgeous medium-haired brown tabby kitten who was very scared and scrawny when he arrived at 50K. During his three-plus weeks in the bunkhouse, Brett gradually relaxed a bit around us and learned to hop in his circular bed so we could pet him. After a few seconds of stroking, he would purr like a motor-boat and let you keep going forever. We knew he was on the right track when we began hearing him play long games of shower soccer at night.

After Brett had gained a pound and we were confident he'd keep eating and allow himself to be handled, we transferred him to "finishing school" with another HT fosterer who has had success drawing out feral kittens.

Just after New Year's day on 2011, Brett went home along with an outgoing 10-month-old kitten named Cole, to a family with two teenage boys who convinced their parents that Brett would grow confident with them over time.

Arrival date: 9/14/2010
Departure date: 10/10/2010