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Litter number: 33
Kitten number: 128
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: unknown

Sonny was the only survivor of a viral infection that killed his young siblings and mother. He came to 50K when he was about six weeks old, and we kept him alone in the nursery for the first 10 days to make sure he was healthy. We were worried that he might infect Oggi and Gigi in the villa.

But Sonny's only ailment was loneliness; we'd hear him wail whenever we walked past the nursery door. So we let him out frequently to play and socialize with us in the back room. When we were convinced he wasn't infectious, we started letting Oggi and Gigi out to play at the same time. The hissing only lasted a few days, and we soon transferred Sonny to the villa. Even though the Divers were still afflicted with weepy eyes and noses – and soon contracted ringworm from an unknown source – Sonny remained a teflon kitten, completely impervious to any and all viruses and fungi. His good looks and upbeat personality won him a home during his second adoption event, and he joined a family with a single woman and two adult cats (ages 3 and 17!) a few days before Christmas.

Arrival date: 10/16/2010
Departure date: 12/22/2010