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Litter number: 34
Kitten number: 130
Gender: f
Color: tuxedo

Nickname: Natty
Siblings: Nicki, Natasha, Nanette

the alpha-girl of the Flying Nun litter, Natalie liked to remind her sisters who was boss. Natalie was the biggest and strongest Nun until her sister Nanette arrived at 50K two weeks late. Life in the villa was hissy for a few days when Nanette, Moe, and Spiff joined Natalie, Natasha, and Nicki, but things quieted down when Nicki and Natasha went home, followed by Moe and Spiff a few days later.

When left as a pair with Nanette, Natalie relaxed quite a bit, eventually becoming a playful, friendly, face-nuzzling peep-cat. We let the girls out of the villa twice a day to plany, and Natalie seemed to be channeling Oggi when she began stealing granola from our bowls at breakfast and spinach leaves from our dinner salads.

Like Nanette, Natalie loved to run, jump, and chase the laser-pointer, so rounding her up was always easy. She and Nanette went home to a family with two young girls, and we're sure the two sets of sisters are thorougly entertaining each other.

Arrival date: 2/12/2011
Departure date: 3/12/2011