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Litter number: 34
Kitten number: 132
Gender: f
Color: tuxedo

Nickname: Tasha
Siblings: Natalie, Nicki, Nanette

one of the two medium-haired sisters in the Flying Nuns, Natasha was shy for the first day or two, but soon opened up and became a purring, face-nuzzling peep-cat like Nicki. After her first week with us, Natasha's alpha-sister Nanette and new boys Moe and Spiff moved into the villa, and the new arrivals triggered a three-day orgy of hissing and swatting. Tasha found herself in the middle of it, and was even hissed at by her sister-pal Natalie.

But Tasha was smart enough to cozy up to the couple who planned to adopt Nicki, so she was chosen to join Nicki as the second kitten the couple would adopt. We heard that Tasha's affectionate and playful nature resurfaced as soon as she left the chaos of the villa behind.

Arrival date: 2/12/2011
Departure date: 2/20/2011