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Litter number: 34
Kitten number: 133
Gender: f
Color: tuxedo

Siblings: Natalie, Nicki, Natasha

Nanette was the Flying Nun who got left behind. She was supposed to ride with her sisters from a WV shelter, but she was fussing so much, that they left her behind! She arrived the next weekend and immediately put up a bossy attitude when introduced to the rest of the Nuns. However, bossy was not her real personality, just her defensive one. She was a girl who loved to play and chase and be chased. The laser pointer almost drove her mad. But when she was worn out, she was happy to climb into a lap and hang out.

Nanette had the longest whiskers and eyebrows of any kitten, and she had two dewclaws on one paw – almost an extra toe, but not quite. She and Natalie went home with two little girls who promised to keep the Nuns busy with toys and play.

Arrival date: 2/19/2011
Departure date: 3/12/2011