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Litter number: 4
Kitten number: 14
Gender: M
Color: orange tabby + white

Nickname: Buzz-saw
Siblings: Bowie, DeeDee, Terra, Ziggy

Buzzy was a round little orange guy with an "I'm in charge" attitude. We named him Buzz because he purred louder and longer than any of his littermates.

Alpha-kitten Ziggy and the rest of his litter could run circles around him, but Buzz was always the spokesman for the group. When dinner was late, Buzz was the first to let us know about it. But whether we were bearing food or not, Buzzy was always happy to see us.

While very affable and engaging, Buzz wasn't much of an athlete. He's one of the few 50K inmates who never learned how to climb the bed.

Arrival date: 6/23/2006
Departure date: 7/31/2006