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Litter number: 35
Kitten number: 140
Gender: f
Color: black

Siblings: Lancelot, Nee, Guinevere, Percy

the smallest of three all-black females in the Knights litter, Maurelle was held back at the Greenville, SC shelter for an extra week before catching a transport to Arlington. Joining snowshoe Rex and her four bigger sibs at 50K, Maurelle was understandably timid at first and spent lots of time under the futon during the first few days. But she gradually gained confidence and joined her siblings in the romping and racing excursions in the back room. Maurelle warmed up to her peeps more quickly than her siblings had, and would always join us on the villa futon or the back-room couch for purr-filled meet and greet sessions.

When she went on view at PetMAC with the rest of the Knights, Maurelle maintained her affectionate outlook toward visitors, which won her a new home only a week or two later. Like Lance, she was adopted by a family with another young cat.

Arrival date: 3/19/2011
Departure date: 4/16/2011