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Litter number: 37
Kitten number: 146
Gender: f
Color: gray tabby

Siblings: Beryl, Pewter, Agate, Petoskey, Mica, Opal

a medium-haired gray-tabby ragamuffin who was both the smallest (though Agate rivaled her) and the most outgoing of the Gems kittens. When the rest of the Gems were starting to overcome their shyness around people, Galena was already toddling forth to greet us and purr. She and Petoskey (the second most outgoing Gem) were the first two of the Gems selected, and they went home together as soon as Galena reached two pounds.

During their last week at 50K, the last five Gems had to share our bedroom with us overnight, and Galena and Petoskey enjoyed sleeping between us, then waking up to paw us and purr in the hours before dawn.

Arrival date: 4/17/2011
Departure date: 5/27/2011