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Litter number: 37
Kitten number: 150
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby

Nickname: Mica-man
Siblings: Beryl, Galena, Pewter, Agate, Petoskey, Opal

a beautiful silver tabby who we could only distinguish from his Gems sisters Agate and Opal by virtue of his size. When he began to show symptoms of the illness we later called Gem Fever, Mica was the biggest and strongest of the Gems. He quickly lost that ranking when he developed a fever that lasted for several days and caused him to stop eating. We got quite concerned when we noticed that his motor skills were deteriorating and he'd lost his ability to walk.

The vet who examined him said Mica was probably suffering from toxoplasmosis or a virus with neurological symptoms. We took him home and continued to syringe-feed him for several days while administering subcutaneous fluids and giving him Clindamycin. By day three we were relieved to see that his fever was diminishing, and within another day or two he started eating again. And as his siblings began to show symptoms of Gem Fever, Mica blazed the trail toward the full recovery that the other six followed.

He went home with his lookalike sister Opal.

Arrival date: 4/17/2011
Departure date: 5/27/2011