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Litter number: 39
Kitten number: 157
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby + white

Siblings: Cowboy, Bobke, Wheels, Paris

When the family that rescued the Peloton kittens turned them over to us as bottle babies, they pointed to Skoda and said “that one never shuts up.” And true enough, Skoda squawked at us throughout the hour-long drive back to 50K. As the only brown tabby in the Peloton pack (and with a racing stripe on his back to boot), Skoda stood out from his siblings. Like Cowboy and Paris, he was as interested in playing and exploring on his own as he was in hanging out with his peeps. And when it was time for dinner or he wanted something, Skoda was never shy about telling us. He went home with Bobke to a family with two energetic young boys, who decided to keep his name.

Arrival date: 7/17/2011
Departure date: 9/19/2011