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Litter number: 39
Kitten number: 158
Gender: m
Color: gray

Nickname: the Bobcat
Siblings: Cowboy, Skoda, Wheels, Paris

Named after Tour de France commentator Bob Roll, Bobke was the biggest goofball of the Peloton pack. As a bottle-baby, he made us laugh by rolling around on his back and waving his little legs with his fat belly pointed skyward. In his first week or two with us, Bobke seemed to always be in need of a bath, but by the time he graduated from 50K he was a gorgeous and well-groomed gray tabby. And along with Wheels, he was one of the most people-oriented Peloton kittens. He went home with Skoda to a family with two grade-school-age boys, who renamed him Tomo.

Arrival date: 7/17/2011
Departure date: 9/19/2011