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Litter number: 39
Kitten number: 161
Gender: m
Color: brown + silver

Siblings: unknown

an honorary member of the Peloton pack who was about the same age and size as the others but came to us as a shy and hissy singleton who needed a few more weeks of socialization with people and other kittens before he was ready to be adopted. During his first few days with us, Smoky Joe spent most of his time under the futon in the 50K villa. Hed tense up when we reached under to pull him out, but then start purring while we held him in our laps and petted him. Within a few days, the friendly Peloton pack won him over and he stopped hiding. By the end of the first week, he was playing with the others and letting us approach without running away.

By the time Smoky Joe and Paris went home together, he was one of our favorite kittens – both because he loved to be held and stroked and because he had such unique and memorable coloring: black smoke fur with tabby markings overlaid by silver highlights that reminded us of porcupine quills, plus a cute white patch at the base of his neck. We were really happy to see Smoky Joe (who was renamed Theo) and Paris adopted together by a couple that had lots of previous experience as cat owners.

Arrival date: 8/24/2011
Departure date: 9/20/2011