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Litter number: 40
Kitten number: 162
Gender: m
Color: white + gray

Nickname: Maynardo
Siblings: Miles, Dizzy, Yoko

the most distinctive looking of the four Hepcats siblings, Maynard was predominantly white with a gray tail and gray spots. From the start, Maynard was smaller than his brothers Dizzy and Miles, but he made up for that with his big-cat attitude. When he was still a bottle-baby (and the Hepcats did not want to give up their bottles when they got to typical weaning size), Maynard liked to ramble over to our feet and stand on them. He also loved to squawk at us to say he was hungry or wanted attention.

When the Hepcats were big enough to move downstairs to the villa, Maynard still liked to tell us what to do, but he graduated from foot soldier to hair stylist; whenever we sat on the futon and heard purring in our ears, we knew Maynard was about to step onto one of our shoulders and start grooming us. Sometimes he took a frontal approach instead, and crawled up one of our chests until he could rub his nose against ours.

Maynard and Yoko went home together as the first two Hepcats to be adopted.

Arrival date: 9/10/2011
Departure date: 11/3/2011