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Litter number: 41
Kitten number: 168
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Molina, Albert, Willow

named after Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers, who hit a homer the night we picked the Sluggers up. At less than 4 oz, Cruz was one of the smallest kittens in a litter of six, but she ended up being the tomboy in the group. She was the easiest kitten to wean, and she was attracted to balls and toys from a very early age. Cruz generally would choose to play rather than cuddle with her peeps, but when two of her siblings, Willow and Albert, went home together and she was left behind with little Molina, Cruz found her inner love bug. After playing or wrestling with Molina, she would crawl up into one of our laps and hang out, purring.

When Molina’s health was in question, we thought we might need to split them up and send Cruz off with a kitten from another litter, but when we got good news on Molina, we were thrilled to be able to keep the girls as a pair. And although their personalities and energy levels initially seemed mis-matched, they loved wrestling with each other and then curling up with their peeps. We were thrilled when a young couple adopted the girls – what a happy ending for one of our favorite litters.

Arrival date: 10/22/2011
Departure date: 2/24/2012