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Litter number: 4
Kitten number: 17
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Nickname: the Zigster
Siblings: Bowie, Buzz, DeeDee, Terra

Ziggy was the biggest and strongest kit in the "fun bunch" litter, and the first to climb the bed and reach the sunny shelf under the window. Even though Ziggy was an alpha kitten, we gave him a Z name because he had a mischievous side. He liked to use his size and strength to pin his siblings or chase them around. Like some good-natured bullies, Ziggy would squawk in protest when confronted with more powerful forces… like his foster parents picking him up to weigh him.

Ziggy was adopted fairly quickly after going "on view", but we were dismayed to find him back at the shelter several months later. We went down to visit him and found a strong, sleek teenager who had mellowed quite a bit and didn't seem to remember us. Luckily, he was again adopted quickly. This time for keeps, we hope.

Arrival date: 6/23/2006
Departure date: 7/31/2006