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Litter number: 41
Kitten number: 170
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Siblings: Cruz, Molina, Willow

alpha male of the Sluggers kittens, who were rescued from an Arlington backyard as two-day-olds when their mom was scared away by the family dog. After a strong start, Albert developed a cough and had trouble eating when he was a week old, but he improved rapidly when we started him on Clavamox and then Azithromycin. From then on he hardly missed a beat, growing into a great-looking, fun-loving peep cat who loved to be picked up and petted before racing off to wrestle with his siblings or show them who was boss. He especially liked to curl up with his smallest sister, Molina.

Albert went to a great home with his sister Willow, where his new mom named him Finley.

Arrival date: 10/22/2011
Departure date: 1/7/2012