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Litter number: 42
Kitten number: 173
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Siblings: Bonnie

came from the PG County shelter along with his sister Bonnie as a friendly and great-looking orange tabby, with slightly longer fur than Albert of the Sluggers. Clyde and Bonnie fought a virus their first week at 50K, but Clyde overcame it after only a day or two of diminished appetite. We let him run around the back room while we syringe-fed Bonnie for days on end.

When everybody was healthy, we integrated B and C with the Sluggers in the villa, who were probably only a few days older. Clyde was good-natured toward his new roommates, even though Cruz and Willow hissed at him for days on end. During Clyde's last week at 50K, he and Bonnie had been fully accepted by the Sluggers, and the two of them had fun playing with active peers their own age. We were very happy to see Clyde and Bonnie adopted together by a young mom, and they graduated from 50K at the same time as Albert and Willow.

Arrival date: 12/20/2011
Departure date: 1/7/2012