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Litter number: 44
Kitten number: 177
Gender: f
Color: black + white highlights

Siblings: Larrabee, April_Dancer, Galore, Bond, Ilya, Smiley

the second smallest Spy (after April Dancer), Ninety-Nine at first appeared to an entirely black medium-haired kitten. A few days after she arrived a 50K, we noticed a tuft of white fur on one of her paws. Then a few white sprouts on her sternum. And as she got older, we realized she was actually a beautiful black smoke kitten; under its black ends, her fur was white or smoky gray. As she grew, her belly became gray and silky, making Ninety-Nine one of our all-time gorgeous kittens.

She was also our favorite Spy, both because we love black kittens and because she enjoyed hanging out with us the most. Ninety-Nine was sick for a few days and I had to syringe-feed her, and then when she recovered she started following me around whenever I entered the villa to deliver meals. Before joining her mom and sibs at the buffet, she always wanted me to pick her up and hold her for a few seconds so she could purr appreciatively.

Ninety-Nine and Larrabee were the two Spies everyone seemed to want, so we were glad to see them go home together.

Arrival date: 4/4/2012
Departure date: 6/29/2012