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Litter number: 44
Kitten number: 178
Gender: f
Color: torbie

Nickname: AD
Siblings: Larrabee, Ninety_Nine, Galore, Bond, Ilya, Smiley

our smallest Spy, and one of our all-time cutest fosterlings. April Dancer was a medium-haired torbie who sometimes looked like a smaller version of our super-model kittens, Lolly and Posey. But AD was a rough-and-tumble girl, and her size didnít stop her from mixing things up with any and all of her siblings. It was hard not to laugh watching her hop around the villa, or ambush Ilya or Galore in the back room after the first four Spies and their mom went home and we let the last three out of the villa on a regular basis. We turned April Dancer over to another HT foster when we left for vacation. She was spayed, and then went home two weeks later to a family with a playful adult cat.

Arrival date: 4/4/2012
Departure date: 7/17/2012